The Saga Award Goes To?

American King James Version
You are our letter written in our hearts, known and read of all men:

2 Cor. 3:2

You have to know that you are a book written by Christ Jesus. The pages that are turned in your life, are read by others who are in the process of being published, or seen by the world.

You are who people see when they desire something new in their lives. They need to see Jesus lifted high. A banner of love towards the world should radiate and illuminate. Darkness should flee. We dont have the time to crtique the process of the Hol Spirit because we are watching what this one is doing and that one, but not seeking to hit the floor for ourselves.

God knows what you are doing and He jas given the oportunity to admit it and come clean before Him in prayers and supplications. Yes, we all have sinned and even at times do, but we should not be stuck on one oage of our life, repeating the same ole lines tjat get us into trouble each and everyday.

You are a book, a livong Eoistle if the Lord Christ. Who has spoken precisely over your life. He has an expectation, and doesn’ look for explanation. Explaining is giving a reason for delaying the obviousness of true sevitude. When we are side-tracking our walk, God see’s and knows.

He has taken the notes for the novel that is your life, and He will write what He wants you to acheive. The point is, will you and I finally fall in line with the script. So that we walk in the success that the Lord has written in your journey’s walk?

Paul has these fruit on his branch, and he wants to make sure that the saints here are aware that their story and his are intertwined. He has an interest in seeing the finished product of goodness that could come out of such dedication to Christ service. All of us have stories and segments in our walk that will cross into another person’s walk of faith, or their walk of shame.

The saga’s of many different spin offs of our lives must still line up in the end when we all come to the throne of our Lord and King.


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