Sad State of Affairs

The Sad State of Affairs

also a sorry in excusable state of affairs.


Bishop Dr. M. Craddock, Sr..

We need to stop seeing things in a political sense and start focus on the Spirituality of all that has and will soon take place.

People are focusing so much on a man’s point of view and how he/she leads the company, that we are not watching the wall for the attack of the devil anymore.

They told you years ago, that the money was going to be shorter for you baby boomers. So, how are we expecting this government today to fix what was stolen from under you years before?

We knew the deficit was out of control before this government came into place.

What we have not watched was the increase of the communities that place our children in the loop hole of inclusion of everything we do not believe.

*a bad situation that you find upsetting.

*It’s a sad state of affairs when schools don’t provide a basic education for their students.

Usage notes: sometimes used in the form a sad state: Things have reached a sad state when you have to pay a bribe to get something done.


PROV. 27:23

Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.

It is terrible that the family of the Lord has fallen away from the strong truth of His Word


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