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Groaning Within

Romans 8:23  Even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body


Your inner groaning have been heard of the Spirit.  He will bring about comfort for you as you rely on His instruction.

We try not to complain about our situations, but it seems that We have to tell someone because no one is listening to our hearts cry.  That is not the truth, God hears the cry of His children, and He will not let you suffer unjustly.  

Our Spirit is connected to the constant flow of the Holy Spirit.   He knows when things are hard for you to handle.  He is aware of the times you have held your peace.  Those times are when He goes into action for us.  He gives comfort for those difficulties that we cannot seem to press our way through.  If we lean on the knowledge that is in the Word of God.  Trusting that He has our best interest at heart.

We all await the final process of our adoption into the family of God.  He has taken our shame and hidden it from us that we do not recall the bad and ugly person we was before we came to the Faith.  None of us were good, we all had been full of mischief.  To the point that we ended up in the gutters if life and needed to be cleaned.  He has come in His Lordship and redeemed us from the curse of the Law of Sin and death.   Once we denounce our sinfilled way, and turn from that wickedness, then He will hear from Heaven and heal our lands.  

Accept the name of the Lord upon your life.

We should not be like most kids who know they are adopted.  That when they can live their life’s in the goodness that was provided for them by loving parents, they look for their real parents.  Only to find degradation of life, or maybe their mother finally got things together, but never came back and took them in.  Let us not be like those children, who have to know their history and find that we were lost and had no one who truly cared for our well being like the Lord has.

Don’t feel rejected, or lost anymore, now that you have a Father who cares for you.  A Lord thinks willing to share His Kingdom with you.

Your way out of here is your adoption in Christ.  New life begins as soon as you let your old one go.

What makes us groan inside for the Hand of God to come in and fix things?  It is when we are overwhelmed by what has taken place and we find filth and dirt creeping back into our lives.   We groan and moan for help from our inner man, because the outer man doesn’t have a clue.

Spirit begets Spirit.  God in us and through us, knows what is going on with us and He will come and fix the broken and contrite hearts that are run down by life’s issues.

If you let Him, He will, but if you and I go back to the dirt, it is not His fault.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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