Not A Simple God

Psalm 92:5  How great are Your works, O LORD! Your thoughts are very deep.


How deep God is, and how much we get to know of Him, .  if we seek for the knowledge.

God is not simple and easy to understand.  Anyone who tells you that you can know all there is to God our Creator and King, doesn’t have a grip on who He is.

God makes known to whom He chooses at the given time He sees fit.  No one knows God to the fullest extend of who He is.  They may only make references of who He is based upon books and study of various items that men have shared through out time.  To know God in the fullness of all creation.  Is not simple at all.

When we cone to grips with that truth, we can gather enough information to walk upright before Him.  To the best of our human ability, the rest is only known by the Spirit of God.  He reveals as much as you are capable of ingesting.

Just because I may be over weight outwardky, doesn’t mean I can match my outward ability to over indulge with my inner understanding.  Many of us will only get so far in our capacity to comprehend the depth of who our Creator God is.  Christ in the flesh and being deity, is still a concept we have not fully mastered.  

We argue over what is simple to the Master, and those in whom understand without doubt cluttering their minds.

Ask yourself, how much more are you willing to learn of the Creator?  Even put a question to investing in the knowledge of who He is as Creator God, not just some story book fantasy conjured up by old people to keep the kids excited or subservient to their rules.

Knowing God through the Holy Spirit, is intimacy on a level beyond flesh and materials.   You must know Him in Spirit and in truth.  At least they that truly worship Him and not what He made alone, but who He is in being and power.


Published by drsmascradd

Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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