Who Knows?

King James 2000 Bible

Jesus therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not among yourselves. jn. 6:43  

Yeshua made many decisions that took Him all over the region, and some received Him while others thought to take His life because of what He was preaching.  After all He is doing miracles and they hated Him even more.  Let someone come up to you and me and say that they are the Lord and Savior we have been waiting for over centuries.  

You would be just as sceptical as those Scribes and Pharisees.

The Lords plans are set in motion from the beginning of time.  He planned everything to a particular point in time and His Word will not return to Him void.

Many people may find themselves in a place where their lives feel good and empty, but the Word ofnthe Lord will always have a report to turn in.

These men who think that they have all the secrets there is about the Messiah, are stumped at what the Savior has said to them about being the Bread of Life sent down from Heaven.

It reminds me if the time when Israel was hungry and the Lord God provided Manna from Heaven for them to partake.  All of a sudden they get tired of what the Lord gives and complains about that.

These men are in worse condition, because they have been occupied by the enemy and they have learned how to live in captivity.   They found a way to keep their lives going even under the rule of people who did not believe.

So, when the Messiah does show up after years of Prophetic utterances.  They are full of doubt and refuse to here with ears of Righteousness.  They no longer anticipated the coming of the Messiah in their season.  Many of us complain and grow comfortable under duress of oppression.  We don’t look forward to the miraculous hand of God.  We attempt a life around our turments.  We know how far the leash allows us to go and we do not pull against it anymore.  We stay tamed by the world’s rules of engagement.  They won’t let us believe as we should.  They have infiltrated the faith with their infectious lifestyles and now the Body of Christ is tarnished.  We suffer because of what we have grown accustomed to in this life.

Modern day Pharisees and scribes who turn the truth to for our daily habits.  They make us to believe that we are not free for sure.  Because, once we have sinned in their minds we cannot be free from it.  We claim sinner status because we do not believe that Christ has fully redeemed us from the curse, and we live our lives half way in and half way out.

Who knows what His plans are and how He is wanting to carry them out?  The Spirit does. and He will reveal in due time.  If we do not faint, or pass out under the weight of doubt and fear.


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Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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