Love Isnt Happy All The Time.

Love is never happy when others do wrong, but it is always happy with the truth.

— I Corinthians 13:6

We have so much going against us all ready.  We do not need to add a false sense of security through lies or deceit.  Love is not comfortable with lies or misconduct.   Sometimes I thinker break loves heart by being selfish and insides as we are.  We can see our point of view, but we never look at the other side of the situation.

It is hard to give so much of yourself.  That is what love wants.  It wants all of your heart, not a compartment to wait to be used properly by us.  

Love hurts, but not because it causes the pain.  It hurts because people make loving one another hard.  Yeshua dies for loves sake.  He gives His life for those who do not even care to know Him.

I suppose my question would be, why?

Why do people dislike being truly loved?  It seems that we gaurd ourselves from hurt that is not coming our way.  We perceive someone is out to use us and discard our feelings as if it were trash, when many people just want love returned.  Some need hugs and kisses to prove that you love them.  I don’t need that all the time.  I just need to see your lasting commitment to what we have said we would do together without wavering.  It is not hard to love with action as well as with words.  We all need both aspects of this form of love at some major point in our lives.

The Scripture here is saying, Love also requires truth.  Trust is built in the truth.   Lies make people protect themselves from those who say they love you, because there is some type of cover up going on.  Thus cover up, makes love strain.

You want to trust someone, and you probably can count on many in your life to be there for you.  Let me say this.  Love trusts God, because God is love, and He won’t let you down.  Put all of your relationships in the good hands of the Lord and trust Him through prayer and applications when you start to feel unworthy, or alone.  Let God be your gauge on what Love really does.


Published by drsmascradd

Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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