Big Babies

One of you says, “I follow Paul,” and someone else says, “I follow Apollos.” When you say things like that, you are acting like people of the world.

— I Corinthians 3:4 ERV

note: It is terrible how we cannot seem to learn how to fully live our lives based upon Spiritual growth.  Even though the Corinthian Church existed years before, we still have rationalism within the churches we serve.

People who pick and choose who They will listen to, instead if taking in the Word of God through love no matter who shares it.  We in fact act as Big Babies, who cannot take the prepared lessons, the meat of the truth.  So those people have to be treated as children who still mess on themselves, and only are capable of understanding simple processes of Scripture.  

We do not have the time for this baby whining stage as if people are collicky all over again.  The remedy for those who say they follow particular people in ministry and not Christ as their soul instructor, is that we let them carry themselves off the cliff with their so called leader.

We do not fight and dispute the Word of truth with no one.  I tend to let everyone think they are right until, I have the opportunity to share what the Word of God says on any given subject.  That is when people gather that I have not joined their elite side group of fire starters. 

The truth is always the Word of God no matter how old or new a person might think it is.  People want to put the Word into a space and time that all of this happened, well then you might want to stop preaching any of it, because all of it happened before you and I stepped on the scene.  Context might very well be able to hold up, but God is good at twisting His statements.

If the person you study under does not give the Word as his/her proof of actuality to the truth.  Then that is the wrong person to follow after.  Paul said, follow me as I follow Christ. 

If Christ is missing in the message, than that is the other side of the line.  It might mean we are on the side of the enemy.


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Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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