In To Deep.

LORD, I am in deep trouble, so I am calling to you for help.

— Psalm 130:1 ERV

When your stuck in between a hard place and a rock that God didnt put you in, who can you rely on that can give you peace in knowing that you will be fine?  only God can assure us in our inner man.  Have you ever played a maze game online or on paper, and find yourself taking your point into a dead end?  Technically you lost the game?  How many times in life have we went into situation that were dead ends and had to back out somehow.   It is embarrassing to have to start over.  It is shameful to need rescuing as we see it.  We do not want someone to come to our defense, when we think we can defend ourselves.  Let me say this, let Christ defend you.

This is who the Lord is in our lives.  He comes and gets His kids out of trouble, mostly because you and I probably can not see the way He gave us to escape because of frustration in the situation. 

I don’t know anyone who truly thinks clear when they are angry.  When we are all upset, we will say terrible and hurtful things, things we regret later.  In our political and local scenes the guts are out.  Everyone is voicing their concerns to the point of rage and anger.  Where they refuse to take it back and then we have to fight our way out of stuff we talked our selves into.

Did you think only kids say the dumbest things.  They get it from their parents and guardians.  Kids mimic what you and I do, even if it is not right.  

We are in trouble because we refuse to be corrected.  We run in head first to every fight thinking we can win them all, but we cant, and God does have something to do with our downfall when we are to prideful to stop in our tracks.

Pride brings about the fall.  The fall is before judgement, and once you enter judgement, your to late to fix what first started your troubles.  Ask Adam amd Eve, if they would have liked to go back and do it again?  Christ is the simple solution to an attitude that get us in trouble.

The Church, the Preachers, Teachers, Government Officials, Lawyers, Doctors, Police, and etc.  Are all out of control and in trouble.  I pray the true believers get ready and brace yourself for the downfall before the judgement of God.

Think Christ first, then you will find peace.


Published by drsmascradd

Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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