Shaking Heaven and Earth.

Shaking Heaven and Earth.

“Once again I will shake the earth, but I will also shake heaven.”

— Hebrews 12:26 ERV

Note:  what does He have to do more to get man’s attention?  What end do you expect that is different than what God planned?  If He thinks to shake all Hea an and Earth, who can stop Him?

We thought in 2017 we dealt with devastating natural desasters, and by human beings limitations, we did by all means.  The destructive nature of the earth normal functions are extremely violent towards creation in general.

So, do we need to have the Lord rumble in the jungle for us to come to grips and understand He Has All Power?  What has me baffled is the audacity of scientist and men who feel they have the ability to control the heavens, to control the power of creation by setting things in motion through minerals and synthetic material they have created to start the weather patterns going haywire.  Whoe to say that they hadn’t already started to years ago in the 50’s?  I’m certain they have played with this power before trying to harness the world’s weather patterns, and I am sure they have caused many destructive situations upon humankind because of their desire to be the creator instead of the created.

God will step in and confound their wisdom as He did in Nimrods time.  He waited until the tower was too high for them to control with their limited status, then He came in and caused confusion.   The problem with coming into unity as a people, is that we can come together on the wrong things and run all the way to our own devastation, and embarrassment.

Who walk around that tower after the great day of confusion?  Who hung around still having the desire to work on it but couldn’t?  Many times we want to work on something that God moved Heaven and Earth to fix His way.  Yet, no one has moved to find out what they unjustly killed the Nazerene. 

It will hurt when the Lord comes to take His place upon the throne of this Earth and all Creation.  He is not some strsnge alien we conjured up.  He is the one who made all living things, we know of and do not know of, it all belongs to Him.  It will hurt when He shakes it all again.


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Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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