The Order of Firstfruits.

King James Bible

But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming.

Note:  First Christ is the the seed of redemption that God planted upon the earth.  He is the one to rise up in victory against the enemy.  Then those who were with Him whether directly or indirectly.   This order is the procession of Christ as we follow the King into Eternity.  We are the fruit of His labor and we must present ourselves like the Sons of God do in Heaven, to be inspected.   We must bring our fruit to Christ that He may stamp His approval upon the lives of all believers and sanction them Holy unto the Lord God, and ready for the Masters use.

First fruits of all our labor in the Kingdom of God.  That truly means we must be the example of good living, that others may make their final decision to follow after Christ.  It will be because we have either shown the love of God, or that we kept a piece of ourselves in place and led them to the slaughter. 

It is about planting the seed of truth and love within the hearts of non believers.  Giving them something to look forward to as they make their way behind the shrubs onto the straight and narrow pathway that leads to Life Eternal.  

We must be careful to make sure it is not our fault that others stay away from the faith, or leave the faith.  That would also count against us in judgement.  Many of us may have been to court at least once in our lives.  We know what a verdict is when the judge lays down the gavel and charges us with the offense. 

So We all shall see the final judge.  I pray that my good out weighs my bad.

In closing.  

You and I must realize that everyone is a fruit potential.  Whether it is our family, friends, or even someone we do not know.  We shall be questioned for the inventory of our hearts in the end.  Where is my fruit?  I pray that they have remained in the faith.   So make your testimonies strong and convincing enough that it actually marks a soul for Eternal Life in Christ.  Otherwise, why do all this for the best spot at the lake.


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Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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