No More Infirmities.

That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bore our sicknesses.

Matt. 8:17


Why do I still deal with sickness and disease within my body?  Maybe, it is because I haven’t done what the Lord told me to do, so that I could be better in my body.

Do you recall when the Lord gave you specific instructions and you didn’t follow them?  That is why you have the trouble today because you didn’t listen to the Spirit.  I know the Lord informed me before I started dealing with particular additional sickness.   He told me to stop eating certain foods and to start a healthier diet, and I gave myself excuse after excuse, until I heard from the doctor about heart conditions and threats of diabetes.  

I often wonder why we plead so hard for God healing when the Lord gives us warnings before the destruction?  Christ takes the pain and the disease from us.  He is asking us to lean and depend upon Him, and He will care for us.

We must not live our lives based upon the helplessness sickness and disease bring.  I see so many of our brothers and sisters laying in depression and letting their condition take them to a dark place inside.  They do not find confidence in the hope Christ gives to us who are hidden in Him.

The Word says that He is the God that heals us, He is the Lord who brings relief to those who give Him their all.  We do not dread infirmities in Christ,  we walk in wholeness and complete.  His stripes and His blood has brought about total restoration in our mind, body and soul.

Trust that He has you in the depth of His being, as long as you and I keep Him in the depth of our hearts and soul.  The doctors are practicing on us, and truthfully that might very well be the reason we are sick in our bodies, but we cannot allow our minds to take on the condition and cause us to walk as if there is no hope for us at all.

Let me say this to you my family.

Your conditions you deal with may have been temporal, and at a height when you went to your appointment.  They took your blood and read your charts at that  time and determined based upon others they practiced on that you have a known condition.

What if you follow the Word when it comes to correcting your health and restoring your body function?  The heamrbs and spices and fruits and vegetables that are in the Scripture, God has set for us to use in temporary times of ailments.   You and I are not sick, we are healed.  We need to think and perform the tasks that bring about this concept. 


Published by drsmascradd

Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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