Seek Your Neighbors Good

1 Corinthians 10:24  Let no one seek his own good, but that of his neighbor.


Seek to help another brother or sister with their needs in life, and you will be rewarded by your God and King. 

Assist in making sure that others areOk.  This is the Christ in us all.  That we see to each others good.  Don’t be a stumbling block to people, but a person who lifts another up in Spirit.  One who encourages the foundation of a person s truest belief in Christ.

Your encouragement could save the life of those in valleys of contemplation.  Many who have been in the faith are now questioning everything they have learned, and that is because of those who have let them down.  Mentors who no longer walk the right way.  Who have used people and caused them to doubt God.

When you are seeing to a person’s total well being.  You are looking out for them, Spiritually, Physically and emotionally.  It is what people are in need of today.  The full service package. 

I recall in my youth as a new driver on the road,  pulling up to fueling stations and having the choice of full service, or self service.  I tried full service and found out that it had extra attached to it.  They would check fluids in your vehicle and top it off for free along with the fuel you were purchasing and it wasn’t extra in cost.

We should do better at giving the full service trestment, and not just partial, or mostly self served religions.  What does your brother have need of that you are sitting in the back of your closet?  Maybe he or she could use that item that you are actually harboring for some rainy day situation.. Maybe even holding on to a future you, in that outfit that could help someone else feel confident in, but you are holding on to it until you loose the weight you have been working on for a while now.

Look to serve God through the full service attitude you give to others.  I know you would not like it if God made you work for a place in eternity, knowing you might not make the quota.   He hasn’t left that Job to us, just the task of being good and showing compassion to others along the way.

This full service give to your fellowman, us who Christ actually is.  He gave full service, by giving us His whole life.  He died that you might have the right to the tree of Eternal Life through faith in Christ Jesus.

You and I do not have to fend for ourselves with Christ as head of our hearts.  He will attend to your protection detail.  The enemy cannot attack the one who defeated him already.  

To many of us fight the devil daily and loose.  We need to trust the Lord with our lives.  He knows exactly what we have need of, and how to get us to a finished goal.


Published by drsmascradd

Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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