Daddy Said So

Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.

ā€” Job 13:15 NIV


Though He chastised me, yet will I trust Him.  Though He scold me, I will still be obedient to my Father and King.

How much contour trust God?  Do you still completely love Him when you are being reprimanded?  When He is displeased with what you have allowed yourself to get into and need Abba to come and rescue you?  You know on the waynhome you will be chastised and corrected.  Maybe even popped inside the head for doing something so dumb.

He loves us and He had to let Job know that before Job turned on himself and commit some type of inner suicide, as I like to call it.

We get depressed and oppressed about what toys we cannot have when we ask.  We become frantic because we have to live in a smaller unit than we are used to.  So, we look at it as if God has punished and abandoned us all at the same time.  

God will not turn from us, unless we indulge in sinfilled acts.  He cannot look directly at His creation falling into the beguiling arms of the enemy and indulging pleasure, and then we come with the stench of evils residue upon our mortal bodies and want to be blessed and covered by our loving Father.

Even after He has told us what the enemy is all about, many still gravitate to disobedience.

I have coined this phrase over the years.

“Sin Is Energy”.  When we are doing the business of the church and serving the Lord in our hearts, we failnto give our flesh a meaningful task, so that it doesn’t become distracted by it’s own lusts and desires.

When we are praying to the Lord, we become sleepy and tired that we can hardly finish the task of prayer and supplication.  Let’s not even mention study the Word and it is like someone filled our minds with infomercials all of a sudden and we become dazed and worn tithe point we slobber on the Scripture.  Only coming to, when someone says; let’s go somewhere and do something.  That’s is when we find our selves energized. 

We must fight our urge to allow sin from our members.  Fight the devil, not God and your family, because they tell you where you are going wrong.  These people are here to help, but we can feel as if they are against us.  God wants you safe.  Your loved ones  are trying to keep in the right minds set.  They love you too.  Try to open up and get it, before it’s all over.


Published by drsmascradd

Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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