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At Least Be Thankful.

Heavens and earth, be happy!

    Mountains, shout with joy!
The LORD comforts his people.
    He is good to his poor people.

— Isaiah 49:13 ERV


How good God is to us poor and helpless beings.  We should be full of gratitude.  Happy He gave us a chance to be in His family.  That He created us in the likeness of His Majesty.  Many are grateful, but for a few things and not everything that God has done.

Mountains and the sea roar at the sound of His name.   We who are more intelligent and capable of doing so, should be louder and more articulate than inanimate objects that just regularly do their job.  We should say with a voice loud enough, how good God has been and is to us all.  Even when we do not deserve His goodness towards us, He is still good.

So, we should at the least be full of thankfulness, because of who He is and what heHe has done for us.  There should never be empty churches, and the definitely should not be quiet inside as libraries.  We go to learn,but we also go to witness and testify.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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