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Helping God?

Who has known the mind of the Lord?

    Or who has been his counselor?”

— Romans 11:34 NIV


Who could knows what the Lord of Creation knows, but Him?  Do you assume there is an eminate threat out on the Kingdom of the North of Heaven?  Is He worried about something.  Is that why we have such fall out from the Body of Christ?

It doesn’t matter my questions or my concerns.  God is not so elderly that He cannot manage His affairs, and you and I would do nicely to stay in our place as servants and not take our Nobility that was given to us and usurp any power our placement beyond our station.

In other Words, do not assume you and Abba will ever be on the same level of understamding.  It will not happpen, no matter how long you might live.  Even into Eternal Life, we will knot have all the knowledge God Creator possess.   Including our Savior and the  personage of the Holy Ghost.  You cannot counsel one whose mind already knows what you are going to say anyway.  That is impossible to ask the most profound questions, only to get an answer that is short and sweet but to deep for you to understand.

You counselors are such who delve into the depth of another’s mind and can was in the deep of their process to help a person not drown under the pressure of life.  That has always been my job even in High School among my friends.  I have set with an Old Spirit all my life.  A settled white haired man in my Spirit, who gives me insight into the deep of thoughts, that at times I cannot begin to comprehend myself.

Now, I know this Old Soul is that of my Creator who speaks through me to others.   I can even look into another’s eyes and see that they never got what was said to them by the Spirit, and I can not help them any further.  Knowing in part and Prophesying in part.  It means He will not give one man or woman. The full notes, because we tend to go beyond self when we know to much.  You know those types who have the god  complex, a d seem to be untouchable or unreachable by average and below. 

You can’t know the mind of one who gave you the definitions.   The one who introduced you to the process.  It is like a cake baking itself.  It will never take place.  It is not autonomous enough to bake itself.  We are not that free to shed ourselves of this flesh and take ourselves to the Eternal place on our own.  We need that mind of God,Christ and The Holy Spirit to do such greatness. 



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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