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Strength to Stop an Army.

Our God, punish those people. We don’t have the strength to stop this large army that is coming against us. We don’t know what to do! We are looking to you for help.”

— II Chronicles 20:12 ERV


Afraid and just sitting around camp complaining about being there, is what I hear when Israel is being taunted by the giant embicile in the middle of the battle feild.

Some of us are actually doing what they did, by not speaking up against the embicile used by the enemy to boast how powerful their institutions are niw, when they didn’t exist as our institution, some thousands of years ago.

People sit arou d the lunch tables and have to hear the increased disrespect that spews from their lips about our faith not knowing or even caring we  believe and live on the principles set by the long standing Word and command of our God.

We are attacked on everyside because we do not support the new systematic destruction of faith and reliance upon God alone.  Those who have set their faith down with the rest to take up this cause of libertarianism, humanism, over Spiritualism in the Lord God’s Word.

Standing together on the front lines of faith, interlocks our shields and we can be stronger together than we could by ourselves trying to battle giants in this arena of time.  Our giants are not just the individual with the opposite thinking as ohrs, but organizations that invest in the community we reside to shoe is that it is Ok to use the facilities they provide with money geared to political ties.

We shop the stores of companies that support causes we do not believe in.  We do not stop shopping there because it has our favorite items at our lowest costs that we could afford it.  So, they get us through consumption,  through our consumerism.  We didn’t even need the product but because we are bargaining as we shop, we buy successively with aggression to not allow another to have what we just purchased at a specific cost, that will give us social status somewhere down the line because we bought it and others want it but didn’t catch it when it was on sale.  So, now it is an exclusive item with a priceless tag

0 are to consumed with items and materials and the subject matter escapes us.  We do not focus on what took prayer out the School System, and children are paying with their lives now.  It is a shame that the son if that lady, is now a believer, if I’m not mistaken.  She tried to avoid giving her Jesus, and Jesus found him.  Praise God.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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