Fruit Production.

What good people produce is like a life-giving tree. Those who are wise give new life to others.

— Proverbs 11:30 ERV


So, you can do something good for others when you put your mind and effort into it!  Be that tree planted by the rivers of water.  In other words, be the source that others look to in times of truth that needs to be displayed.  If you are a tree with deep roots that are settled in your place.  People who do not have themselves together can come and sit under your shade and be empowered through the genuine provisions God has given to you to share with them. 

I just said a mouthful there, and many will not comprehend that the Lord speaks to them right now.  There is nothing wrong with what you have been given to share with the younger person.  God have you experience to pass that experience forward.

You encourage others with your a unity to just stand through the rough patches of your own life.  Others Do not know how to just wait for God to bring things to an end, they want to do something about it themselves, and that is she they the pertinent instructions in the directions.

God is about waiting,  obviously.  He waits for men to come to Him, instead of Him having to drag you out of trouble, He knows you’ll wake up before you suffocate under it all and ask for His help.  Don’t get me wrong, God will save when we are in a state of ignorance, being under aware of the total outcome that could very well steal the breath you breath.

God has made you flourish and grow before Him, so He won’t allow the limber jacks to illegally pluck you up, just to sit you in front of a community center because of your full plumage.   God puts you on display and continue to nurture your roots, so that you do not dry out under the pressure. 


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Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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  1. Thank you for the wisdom and knowledge that comes from our savior. I am truly blessed to be able to read and listen to you everyday. Thank you for this message it hit me like a ton of bricks, whatever I’m going through Gods always right on point!!! Amen

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