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Your Mouths Running.

Then he said, “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.”

— Mark 4:9 NLT


If there is an ability within us to just shut up and listen for a minute.  We keep thinking that children run their mouths when your tell I them something that is good for them to hear.  We also have that same syndrome.  We can’t shut up Long enough for the Lords compelling nature to speak into us.

I donot care how smart you maybe, if you cannot grasp the Spirits Word of truth, that is where you truly messed up in your walk.  God has instructions for His children.  Some have the ear to hear, but others miss it relatively quickly.  All because they have to give their view over the instructed Word of life.

If it is difficult to listen when spoken to, you will miss the points that are in the statement.  That is the most important information their is when talking with someone.   Getting the full understanding of what they are saying to you.

You should not say you didn’t hear, I want a divorce,  when you are yelling at the top of your lungs.  Communication is the key to success in life in general.  We can’t make it running off at the chops and telling it our way as if we all Sinatra.  You might as well just start packing your things, you missed everything that was needed to secure your life l.  A wife can only take so mich of your controlling nature.  A husbamd will not continie to suffer because you don’t trust him.  Trust God.  Lean on the Lord’s favor and not your own understanding and things will work out.

So, don’t waste time talking so much.  I have to learn that concept myself.  Be a header and died and not just one who runs with his/her mouth taped open, like a tomb devoid of our blessed Savior.  There is only one thing to say.  He is “RISEN”.  REPEAT THAT TO THE WORLD.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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