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Stop Fussing About It.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

— Romans 8:18 ESV


What might you be going through that you cannot acknowledge the depth of His true love towards you?  How can we sit in pity Pattie because something for an go our way?  I owe God my life, so I refuse to sulk and sit in a depressed state of mind, after all I have known He has done for me.  I can’t just murmur about what I don’t currently have in my possession.  God knows what I have need of, and I do not have to always remind ABBA of what He promised His children.

What you go through is somewhat the price for living in the luxury of Eternal bliss once it is all over.  What would you pay for Spa treatment?  Sitting around the Milky Way, never going hungry.  How would you like to never grow old again?  We haven’t suffered Saints.  Not for all the things we did in life.  We have not suffered do all of the sins.  Christ suffered, bled and physically died, not metiforically as we sometimes gather when the Word tells us we must die to sin.  We must die to our skin.  Our feelings of lowness and loneliness.  These may very well be the reason for our activities that bring us shame and disappointment.  We don’t suffer what is ours truely to go through.  He causes us to feel no pain associated with who we were.  Maybe that is why some get that Holier mentality,  because we do not have to face ourselves alone I that mirror.  When You check the mirror to see how you look, you want away because of confidence that is in the Spirit automatically. I can not be confident without the Holy Ghost to empower me.  I wont just walk up and introduce myself, I have to have a reason bigger than I.  Christ is my reason for doing the work I have done over 28 years now.  Suffering is a part of sacrifices.  We suffer for His sake.  Persecutions is an unwarranted attack on a Servant of the Lord unrighteously.  You donot deserve to be verbally, or physically attacked.  It is not right.

We suffer because we get involved and it is not our business.  So yes, suffer in happens when we are nosy.  Suffering happen to people who do not hear the Lord, because they are busy doing what is in their mind to.

Yet, there is a GLORY He will soon reveal into you, but not before do it is time.  

Do you know your enemy keeps coming around, because the Lord is setting you in a place to love whom you have hated?



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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