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Trust God With Your Defenses.

Then the LORD said to Gideon, “I am going to help your men defeat the Midianites, but you have too many men. I don’t want the Israelites to forget me and brag that they saved themselves.”

— Judges 7:2 


Why have a group of people at your defense, she all you need is the Lord fighting your battles?  Gideon couldn’t go into the campaign with more than 300 men.  Those type of cut throats that understand warfare and do not take prisoners.

We are so onesided, we do not ever see when the enemy is upon us until we feel pain associated.

Some of you want a big army to sweep through with you as you go to fight.  A few of you are like I am.  We can do more damage with an elite force,  then the show of force by the numbers.

Your not vulnerable because your troops are limited.  Don’t dispose small beginnings.  This is where we perfect our techniques.  This is where we make crucial decisions.  We find out,where we are in terms of skills and weaponry. In this setting we find out whether we are wild enough against our enemies.  Some of us are to accepting of the devils ways.  Mostly because we have more of a converse with the enemy then we say we do with our Savior.

I’m this setting we know leadership and we can bring a better day for our people.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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