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Be Happy Anyway

Be happy because of the hope you have. Be patient when you have troubles. Pray all the time.

— Romans 12:12 ERV


Be strong in the power of His might.

3 things He wants us to do.  Not attempt to do, but actually get it done.

1.  Be Happy.

We are sad, mad and argumentative people.  We take everything that is said to heart, not realizing who it is that s making the comment.  We can not be happy because we expect someone else to make us happy.  There is our problem.  It is not my wife’s responsibility to make me happy.  The Word doesn’t give us the excuse of who doesn’t make us happy we can be mad with.  He just says, be happy.  Do the hard thing first, instead of looking for the easy route.   The joy of the Lord, is your strength.  You get joy when you think about all He has done for you.  That’s the reason for shouting praise.  Be Happy regardless.  After a great loss,  find not for your mourning.  Because it is not easy to maintain a sincere joy for long periods of time. 

2. Be Patient.

He dos not want you to be a patient on a hospital bed begging for a second opportunity.  People assume there is an infinity of second chances.  Let me say this. God forgives, but I need for you to truly get this. This salvation is a one time opportunity.  There is no constant and forever chances to turn from our wickedness.   Troubles come for two reasons.  One is because we produce it through disobedience to His spoken and revealed Word. 

The other, is like a God showing you off moment.  Like that of Job.  Because e have been obedient and He honors is by the trial or test, but never a temtpation.

3. Pray.

All this so He can contact you.  That is all our Heavenly Father wants.  To be involved in our day to day life.  Stuff happens because we Do not seek the wisdom of the Lord.  As a parent, I will not give instructions to my grown children until they seek and ask for it.  When they have troubles, and they sorry themselves to death trying to survive stuff that God has already shown me how to get through.  It is because we are to secretive and wanting to hide ourselves like Adam and Eve.  God already knows it’s hard.  He wants your attention so that He can instruct.  If you do not approach the throne of Grace, I hate to inform you, you might just be dealing with the Mercies of God.  Even though it is new in the mornings, it still.can have a stinging process about it.  Mercy twists our arms and shows the Lord’s plan by shoving and pushing us to pray, to communicate.  If a wounded soldier is in the dirt and his rescuers are passing him over, he might want to tell our his position.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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