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Be Smooth, but Harmless.

Listen! I am sending you, and you will be like sheep among wolves. So be smart like snakes. But also be like doves and don’t hurt anyone.”

— Matthew 10:16 ERV


This is a hard task for a true believer, but it seems easy to those who know how to switch their attitudes.   He is telling you to be cunning as a snake, not evil as the devil.  Do not harm and be gentle as a dove.  It is hard to be on and active.  That is, to make sure you think deeper then what is in front of you.  Cunning is the persuasive nature of the snake.  Sneaking up and getting next to it’s prey without causing them to run off.

Believers must be as smooth in their approach.  Not because those in who we are attempting to reach for Christ are unlearned but they simply can see you and hear you rattling before you come.  If you are praising God just to make it up a flight of stairs, those in whom you are trying to reach, will automatically start their escape route.  Here comes Uncle Mike, you know he is going to try to save us again today.  They are already armoured up against you.  Be better at winning souls to the Lord.  Be commanding but in a subtle way.  I know that is asking for two different cycles on the washing machine at once,but they have built a machine that can perform it.  God has given you ability to reach in and selectively touch the right heart that is waiting for true salvation.

People need something to believe in.  It is our job to give them Jesus Christ.   He will bring them to the Father when He has washed them clean.  We cannot make people clean and ready for the Father.  It is hard enough to stay presentable ourselves.  A snake crawls up, God doesn’t want you in the thick of mockery and the sludge of deceit just to reach a soul.  Use your beautiful Wings and soar.  Rise above the corrosion of life.  Be seen in your White and untouched by the filth and deluge of life.  It’s Ok if your Wings are not there, the angels will bare you up.  

Snakes are on the ground for the most part.   It is their curse.  Yet, in the garden, he was in a some what high place in the branches that caused her to look upward.   A HEAD held down cannot see it’s way clear.   Cause those in whom you reach to look up, not to you, but past you where the Lord is.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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