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Court Hogs

For I know the vast number of your sins and the depth of your rebellions. You oppress good people by taking bribe of and deprive the poor of justice in the courts.

— Amos 5:12 NLT


It is funny how people say they love God and love you, but the minute they fall and hurt themselves in the house ofor God, they sue.

If you have a problem with your brother’s and sister’s.  You are instructed to take it to the church governing body that you both attend.  It is bad when children of God live life based upon the systems that surround them.  We do not follow the Law of God’s Word as intended.  We live our lives in the shadows of death, in fear, and greed.

There are people who know how to cheat you and I out of thousands of dollars.  They hurry to sue you based upon the court systems law.  Have you ever moved from a home and left it in pristine condition?  Only to have the landlord throw accusations and take false images to show the court of law, so they could try and take even more of the money you do not have?

Years ago when my 3 oldest girls were younger.  My wife and I was attending a funeral procession of one of our baby cousins who had suddenly died.  While we were traveling to the barial sight to finish the services.  We were left in the middle of an intersection, because our procession was extremely long.  A car came barreling across the intersection and smashed into us turning our little vehicle 360 degrees.  We had to take my wife to the hospital for head truama.  My daughter’s where fine in the back of the car, especially with out seat belts.   It was as if the Lord had kept them in the seat and only caused them to slide from one side to the other.

Once all the excitement had died down and my wife was back home safely.  We received a summons to appear in court a month later.   The lady who hit us, was suing us.  When I went to court my wife asked me if I thought we should have a lawyer present, and I told her no.  Not really knowing what would transpire that day.

When I walked in and came to the front of the courtroom.  I saw 3 people on the other side against me.  The lady had gotten the officer, the guys car that she hit to go against us.   As the procedures began,  the lady explained her side and pointed a true me and said words that I could not longer hear,  due to that he fact,  I was just praying in my mind and waiting for what was to come next.

Once the judge asked my comment.  I began to share with him why we were in the intersection.  That we were going to bury our baby niece.  The judge stopped me right that he here and did said, “let me get this straight”, you were in a funeral procession and this lady came up and hit you?  I said yes sir.  He asked her what she saw, and she said she didn’t see me because she thought that the car in front of her was broken down.  She was already on a hill going upward and she decided to go around the car sitting at the corner.  That is when she smashed into us.

The judged looked at me and said, he was sorry for my loss.  He looked at the lady and said to her, that she should have seen the procession, and that it was and shame to come in here and sue this young man after the loss of a close relative.  Mr. Craddock, you are free to go, case dismissed.  He told the lady that it was are unwritten law that we respect the dead, and we pull over.  As I left court, I was indeed thankful to God for His help.  The lady who I found out was supposed to be a traveling evangelist, was left cursing at me, as the judge was striking his desk threatening her with contempt.

I have shared that story before, and every time I have to be even more grateful to the Lord for keeping us through it all.  That is the results hear, God is revealing what is going on in this Scripture through His prophet.  Mostly because, He will put an end to those money grabbers.  Even those in His house.  Who take churches to court suing for flamboyant and frivilous suits just to cash in.  Especially the preacher’s and teacher’s who know the Law of God’s Word.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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