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Fancy Animals

Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

— Matthew 7:6 NIV


What we have given those who do not care to treasure Spiritual life.  We share deep impressions of the gift and callings that the Lord has favored upon us.  Only to have people mock who we are and what we believe.  Ignorance is a choice for many.  They know what is true about the faith, they just choose to deny His power in their lives.  They are fools and these people are devastating the ministry with their open market disrespect that rubs from shoulder to shoulder in the places of worship.  Those who study foolishness are running departments of the church and drive the ship into the coasts to wreck what God has ordered.  He says “I know the seat of the devil”.  God sees the enemies attack and has sent warning to the body, but we cannot hear for the voices of the enemy are speaking loudly in our communities.  Something the Lord has given to His people and we did not take pride in maintaning it and protecting it.  We have surrendered the place of true worship and praise to the use of men and women with hidden agendas.  They want fame but could not gain it outside of the church.  They use their position to manipulate the heart of true worshipers of God.  Once they are discovered we protect them because we are familiar with their spirit and are afraid to loose what has become our form of worship.

The gifts and calling are not to be sold.  They are rewarded here and there.  Yet, because of desperation of being known, we donot wait for the reward, we sell it to the highest bidder.  We bargain with the powers that be in high places.  In the courts of men and not the courts of God.  Men want blood oaths.  They want your talent and gift and anointing until you are no longer atractive.  They will use you until you are emptied out.  Spilled upon the ground like fresh wine in an old skin that the seams could not maintain, so they give way to the pressure. Don’t give your goods to dogs.  People who tare through the packages and waste most on the ground.  Ravenous dogs, wildy eating up all your goods and gifts.  Living off your efforts.  Earning no place.  Promising to be supportive, but wimper away when a bigger dog comes sniffing.  Those who are pigs lay around in filth and donot keep clean enough to be presentable.  They straggle along as your posse in large groups of heavy eaters of everything you buy.  They wast space in your life and give nothing in return.  You have sung your songs and preached the good news but still feel lifeless and drug along with no energy left.  It is the dogs and swine.  They have worn you to your grave.  Some do not know they are doggish and pig headed.  They think they matter to your cause.  Yet, it is because of them you missed your chance and opportunities.  Funny thing is.  You didnt know it then.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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