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A Safe Place

The LORD is good.

    He is a safe place to go to in times of trouble.
    He takes care of those who trust him.

— Nahum 1:7 ERV


People are being mistreated all over the world.  They seek protection, but there is non to come and rescue them.  Little children are being kidnapped and used for sexual pleasures. It is a torment to mothers and fathers who cannot find their children.  God is our safety net when we are in torment.  When we feel as if we cannot get out of the grips of mistreatment.   Let Him give you an escape route.  He knows what you have to endure and He is willing to free you from the tyrany that comes with those who have no heart.  The Lord knows that there are women being abused by men who misuse them and hit them.  He knows when we are forgotten about and left out in the cold in our relationships.  God knows when you feel invisible to the ones around you.  How they avoid spending time with you and find excuses not to visit you.  All of these scenarios are examples of people who feel abandoned and unsafe because they are alone.  I pray for all of Gods people who are afraid and left to take care of themselves.  That they will find companionship in life.  Find a place to belong so that they donot feel left out.  An abandoned home is an unsafe home.  Everyone needs someone to be there in their corner.  We have to not run people away from us being a certain way that cause them to leave.  To have friends the Words says be friendly.  Even though the Word never said be foolish.  Be cautious.  Be aware, but never a fool in desperation.

The safest place is in Christ Jesus.  This place is not a place you can walk into with your flesh.  You must first enter this place through Spirit.  Allowing your mind to be flooded with the goodness of the Lord.  Once we have peace of mind.  We can have peace in our homes and where ever we may go.  Trust in God for these opportunities to come to Him and made whole.  To be made free.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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