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Walking on A Grain of Salt.

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You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its taste, it cannot be made salty again. Salt is useless if it loses its salty taste. It will be thrown out where people will just walk on it.”

— Matthew 5:13 ERV


The taste is not the same as it was years ago.  I used to work at ‘Lamars Donuts’, a delicious place to buy pastries the size of your face.  Today it has franchised and the The Lamar Family doesnt even own a building anymore that I know.  I am sharing this with you not because I just want to talk about my favorite donut shop, or how others don’t compare to them.  Even though they do not compare at all.  My hearts goal is to share relevant stories that go along with our Scripture.

I have visited many of the franchise locations that bare the namesake and have found them lacking.  Not all Lamars Donut shops taste the same.  I have a few who have kept the recipes and tastes just as they did when I was a teenager working with the original owner.

When you have been given the best product and the quality starts to fade.  People stop coming to your place of business.  I remember one franchise was trying to build a location in an area that I thought it should not have tried.  A year later they took down the Lamar name and tried using the first letter only.  Now it sits vacant with old cars for sale.  

Saints we are the salt of this earth and we have the right taste and flavor that was put in us by the Lord Himself.  Do not try to cut corners and build clientel without all of the ingredients that makes for a good meal.  That is, do not side track the truth just to make friends and keep people happy with you being around.  If you have lost the very thing that preserves the life, then you end up tossed out and tranpled on.  People will be counting on you to have the flavor that they need to make it in this life.  Some have not joined the latest groups who have denied the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives.  Others want sweet tasting words that mae them feel great about themselves.  They want you to tell them that they are OK and do not need to change.  We all need to change.  That is the reason for salvation.  That we stop sinning and start living for God.  Thats the salt saints.  The salt has a strong sokid taste to it.  So, your words that He speaks through you must be solid and true, not wavering.  If they do waver, you will loose faithful people who always stuck by you because of that salt.  That flavor you bring.  

At least get someones blood pressure boiling about something.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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