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Conquerors For Sure.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

— Romans 8:37 ESV


Instead of you hitting yourself. Let someone else get in a lick or two.  Lol.

Most times we are our worst critics.  We go to fight the good fight and often come back wounded.   We hate loosing, so we don’t try as hard to achieve greatness.  We don’t attempt to ambuish the enemy for a change.  It is like we sit back and pick our nails and teeth, while the eneny is climbing our section.  What I don’t get, is why are we mad at others when we mess up our opportunities?

We are more than just conquerors.  We have the Lord on our side.  If we would just go into our secret place and sit a while until He releases you to react.  You cannot attack a formidable foe, if you don’t know which way he is coming at you.  We have to stop and clear our sections in life.  Make sure that we have sealed up all entry points into our domain.  Patch up your marriage.  Fortify your relationships with others that are important to you.  Do not allow the devil to persuade those closest to you to turn on you.  Obviously, we should not compromise faith and trust in God.  No matter who you might have to satisfy with an open agreement.  Do not risk eternity for flesh connections.

I said I wanted to speak kindly to you this day.  I pray this helps your soul.  That is my goal.

Do not let the other subjects before this Scripture weigh upon you.  This is why He is in your life.  To show you how to fight and win.  How to complete the asignments the Lord has commanded of you.  Let me say this.  Many of us walk around sick and diseased.  Which is a preoccupation to your service.  It is designed to take you off the battle feild, and cause you to lick and nurse wounds because of a lifetime of disobedience.

I had to say that.  Let me say it this way.

When you have been instruxted by God to stop indulgences and you excuse yourself to continue on the way you have been.  The conditions that you face are a result of disobedience to the Spirit who told you years ago what to avoid.  People say, “i’m trying”. Well the Bible is about doing and finishing what you started.  If we want to accomplish the goals we had been given. It is time to push stuff away that have kept us blind and numb.  Become an overcomer.  Become a more than conqueror through Christ Jesus the Son of God.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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