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Fading Away.

The grass withers, the flower fades,

    but the word of our God will stand forever.

— Isaiah 40:8 ESV


What the Lord has said is established by Heaven and Earth as witness.  That means that all of the host of Heaven and the living Creation that breath life all witness to the awesome power of our God.  They bare witness and testify of what He has done.  It is time to be full of thanks, not a part time believer who hits and misses the fire of the anointing.

Gods Word will remain strong and firm for all generations.  It is my job to be a bugle horn and sound the alatm.  We are here now, but we will one day be gone.  We must have the ears to hear what thus saith the Lord in these last days.  Take in the Word and live it out loud.  Soon and very soon, we all shall see Him.  How much time does a flower actually have to live and breath the air that is supplied?  You could look at it seasonally and determine the lifespan of a particular flower.  We are to be like trees planted by the rivers of water.  Not easily pulled up when any sound of wind comes to blow against what has made us strong and long lasting. Even though the flower fades and the grass dries up.  The Word of God lasts forever.  What do we live this short flesh life by anyway?

The lyrics to one of my so gs is: It’s not in my mind only, but in your hands I am free.  It’s not in the air I breath only, but in your Word I receive.  I’m totally free.

We habe to live by every Word that comes from God.  Not selectove hearing and precise chosen Scriotures that do not hurt our feelings as we read it and share it so readily with others.  The time will come when life as we know it will cease to exist for us.  What do you do when Eternity is thrusted upon you unaware?  You will have to make a last minute decision that honestly goes in one direction.  Acceptance.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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