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Uplift My Hands

To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul.

— Psalm 25:1 NKJV


Give the Lord access to your thought’s.   It will work out better for you and I if we surrender our thinking to the Master.  He can give you a place of solice and joy.  We have over running thoughts that seem to plummet our minds into deviousness.   We donot want to think unsavory thoughts, but our minds are bombarded with foolish thinking that is not that of our Savior.

To clean up the private play ground saints we need to fill our thoughts with the Word of truth.  We throw our hands up in constant praise to the greatness of our God and King.  He has done great things in our lives.   The main point in this Scripture, is that we present our souls to the Lord.  We lift our souls to God as an offering of something we feel is all we have that may be worth it.  Our souls cannot be filled with deviousness or foolish nature that we have let ramble around in our thoughts.  If we are going to present anything to God that we have taken possession of, it is our souls.  That is all we do own, if we can truly say we possess it.  Other wise our souls could be completely given over to the enemy and we only find out when the Lord says depart.  We must understand what He will be rejecting in the end is not our flesh, but our carnality that we let loose and never gained control over.

God is not seeking after flesh that lives Godly.  He is seeking after a mind that has surrendered to the Will and the Word of God.  All of this will be the result of something we could not see that took over a part of us that we could not see.  I just hope we were not so blind that we do not see what must be done to be completely saved.  When you cant see the soul, you only look to what you can see and that is soon to be dissolved, flesh and that is not enough.  Hopefully not every part of our being .  I pray for the saving Grace.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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