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He Chose You.


God has chosen you and made you his holy people. He loves you. So your new life should be like this: Show mercy to others. Be kind, humble, gentle, and patient.

— Colossians 3:12 ERV


Your not like everyone around you.  That is why your circumstances turn out different.  Your testimonials have more weight than the average believer.  What you share with those who listen, they take to heart.  Because, He chose you. God puts particular attention on very few people.  I mean to say.  All of us havent suffered greatly, even though we might have grown up in the same era.  I get it how some feel as if people of color are picked on more than any other ethnicity.  I know the youth suffer under hardship.  Yet, I cannot help remembering growing up and having such freedom at 14 years of age that I never saw those struggles towards me.  I appreciate the light that God has shown on me.  I also know that I cannot get away with misconduct either because of this particular illumination He has placed over me.  People will not like you.  They will try to set you up at every turn in your life.  The question is, will you defend yourself and loose credibility with God, just to prove to others you are not weak?

When your enemy surrounds you.  Dont panick, God knows they are there.  Put your trust in the maker of all men.  Pray for those who use you on purpose. Sone can not handle the struggle of where you came from.  So, they do climb over your hard work and claim it as their own.  You can not say anything because it will look like your the jealous one.  Trust me I know about that too.  It seems like a long journey when you have to wait for vindication for unjustified acts done against you.  God hasnt forgotten what men have done, especially if they have not repented, and let me say this to those who look for closure from people who hurt you.  They may not come back to you and apologize.   They might just say sorry to God.  Like David when he messed up and had that ladies husband put on the front line.  I know that was a hard blow to hear.  But, thats my job to tell you truth according to Gods Word not our interpretations of what He was trying to convey.  God tells us to pray for our enemies.  Many of us cant forgive our siblings.  He says give an extra mile with a brother in need and your coat. We barely go a block without complaining about fuel costs.  We need to treat people as God said.  Not expect them to react accordingly first.  If you wait for Godly reactions from amother before your respond in kind. It wont happen, because you are withholding your Godliness for a response from someone else who might not even fully believe as you do. Why suffer God wrath because we all sit around holding out expecting the other to get it this time.

Ok.  So, here is what needs to happen.  Be ready at all times to be gracious regardless of what another has planned.  Give big tips to waitresses, because you know they live off what is made at the table.  Yes, even if they do everything wrong.  Promote good.  Build character without having to gain recognition for it.  God is counting on you to change people from the inside out.  It is your duty to be the same smiling face even in the tough time of your life.  Many came to console us during our loss of “Pinky”.  I appreciate that, but I found that more of my time was ministering to others instead of grieving for myself.  That happened 3 years later saints.  It hit like a ton of bricks.  The same thing happened during my Grandmothers funeral.  I couldnt go crazy with everyone else.  I had to do the hard work with my uncle Kenny.  But, then a year later sitting in a window in California.  It landed.

No matter what you go through.  Dont be mean because you feel you have the right to.  Dont do dirt for dirt, evil for evil. It never looks good on the child of God.  No matter what.  I am never happy with my kids fighting in the streets.  Win or loose, im angry about it because, I know God wouldnt be pleased.  You are not weak because you walk away.  You are actually stronger.  The weak one is the one scuffling in a hand to hand battle over mixed words.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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