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These Eyes.


Sensible people keep their eyes glued on wisdom, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.

— Proverbs 17:24 NNL


Stay on target saints.  Support the Kingdom with your life.  We seek wisdom and knowledge.  The only way to secure it, is to study for ourselves.  We must establish a stronger prayer life.  One that sets us a part from others that we might consecrate ourselves and pull the power needed to whip this earth in shape.  Like Noah.  Having to build in the middle of no where with mockers scoffing his quality of workmanship.  He still had to tell them to repent.  Come back to the Lord God our Creator.  They didnt take the time to listen, so why would the people of today take time to listen to the true Words from the people of God? It doesn’t matter.  Keep spreading the news.  Use the social strems that are there to reach across the world and deliver Gods Word of wisdom.  There are many who need to hear this truth, but because we are disgusted with what we see and hear going on in our communiites, we stand back.  Wisdom seeks more wisdom.  It is not about seminary or theology, thats for unbelievers who need credentials for their Preachers and NOT the ANOINTING of God that destroys the yoke of bondage.  Mothers keep teaching and instructing your children no matter how old they get.  Open yourself and pour out your testimony that they may see the path clearly.  What you have been through, they are going through.  Maybe not similar to the point.  But, of the category of familiarity.   Fathers tell your sons and daughters what you expect and leave the heavy weight upon them to go out and conquer and not be conquered for God and not just self.  Your daughters are your prize, your sons are your continued success, but you and I must remain a constant in their lives.  With them doing what is right, it sets your house before God as a Noble group, and He is good at rewarding those who seek Him.

Seek wisdom by seeking the Lord while He may be found. That indicates there will come a period where you wont be able to seek Him.  So we gain wisdom from every source He has made available to us.  Even our Elders.  Wisdom is sought by those who have stopped making countless mistakes that wind up as sin once conceived.  I will not bend or bow what I have learned to favor those who wish to be foolish in life.  I must PRESS towards a higher mark that is in Christ.   No, none of us will be greater then thee other in the Kingdom of God.  That is fine with me.  I just want to hold my own when we move through the corridors of our Kings Palace.  These conversation we might soon have with grand souls that have went on before us.  Brush up on your knowledge of Gots commands.  There are more then 10.  Stop liniting yourself to what was told you by everyone else.  I say this because.  Denominationalism has particular protocols of doctrine they follow and you end up with only a snippet of what God has said.  Thats why I only support ministries full of believrs, not religious relics sitting in larhe throne like chairs dictating to the people.  These pope like people who usurp instead build up.  I do how ever whole heartedly believe in the Government of the Body according to Ephesians 4.

I have been around Bishops and Apostles during our 3 1/2 year Pauline like journey from church to church watching the leadership destroy homes and families.  I have a friend who is dear to my wife and I who know of these same people I speak of.  I had to go and serve under my last Apostle and Bishop in Moreno Valley.  My friend came up to me and asked.  What are you guys doing?   I told Him.  What God commanded.  After 6 months if service I broke the connection as God instructed.  We had to learn from those groups of leaders.  What not to do.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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