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Cursed To Die.


Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us–for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who is hanged on a tree”

— Galatians 3:13 ESV


Your cursed to death without Jesus Christ Blood covering you.

What was the Law of God.  Sone assume it was only the 10 commandments.  The 10 were just an outline of many laws in the first five books (Torah) of the Old Testament. God outlined what must not be done by His chosen people in order for them to remain His particular selected nation.  Well, they could’t keep from dipping their hands in and out of the forbidden cookie jar.  Sort of like us on any given day.  We take advantage of the Grace God has given us.  That is because there is no quick reaction for breaking the law of God anymore.  You know how it is, now that your child has gotten to a point where your discipline doesnt not hurt them anymore.  That is what has given rise to many falling so easily into disobedience, because there is no one to immediately correct what has been done against the Word and Law of God.

You are aware that the Word of God is the Law?  Breaking the law and disobeying the Word is the same thing.  So, when we do not adhere to the Word of the Lord when we are out of order, that is disobedience.  He died that you and I might live.  We deserved death for what we did against the Lord.  Breaking the rules and not carrying about it.  Because, people assume Grace will exceed what they have done.  That is true, but we cannot just slide under the radar because we want to go on with life as we know it.  We are released to be free from sin, but we need to realize that we have an obligation to live a certain way in life.   We can not get away with just misusing the favor we didnt earn.  It is free to all, but there is stipulations in lnvolved with staying under the Grace of God.  Do not touch sin is all we are asked to do.  Yet, we sometimes go head first into something we know will get us into trouble with God just because we count on the good Graces of God to stand in for us.

Christ died once and for all.  He will not do it again.  Also, grace is not used as a drying towel for the dirt of sin.  We can’t continue to allow sin to conceive its bastardly child in our hearts and leave us soiled and used up.  I apologize for such descriptions, but I had to say it in that mamner so we all understand what that Scripture actually means.  Conceiving something is to leave a seed to grow.  Whether it is a thought conceived or a child in the womb.  Once sin has left its stain upon your heart, it takes the BLOOD of the Lamb to wash it white as snow.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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