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Passing Like Breath


O LORD, what are human beings that you should notice them, mere mortals that you should think about them?  For they are like a breath of air; their days are like a passing shadow.

— Psalm 144:3-4 NLT


We are not here that long.  We have buried multiple memebers of the family.  You loose a loved one almost every year.  Some you know closely and it pulls a oiece of flesh from your conscience that you hardly can function in your day to day life.  We must realize that our time is minimal.   We donot have life eternal in the flesh.  It is impossible to live pass your life span in the body.  You must establish a Soiritual walk.  You must develop a hearing and speaking that is not just vergs and pronouns established by grammatical understanding alone.  You need something beyond your limitations.  We can only gather thus mentality through prayer and supplications.  Crying out from the trenches of life on earth.  Pull resources that are supernatural.  Money can fix some things but it is not designed to answer all of your situations.  You can not pay off every problem.  There are things that take a solid prayer and worship life.  Question yourself everyday.  See what makes God awaken you.  Find out what your doing that is cool with Him.  Maybe that us the reason why you and I see each ne dawning.  We always seem to not know what we are here for.  It is terrible we can not get an answer.  I know that there is one but, I am not quiet enough to hear it completely.  That is why we are in perils of life.  We wont stand still and see the salvation of God.  We wont stop and be still.

He will speak to us when we are done with pleasures of flesh.  But, how long shoild He wait for you and I to stop allowing our mi ds to be infiltrated by the constant whispers of devil?  It is not good to think wjat you do with your free time is Ok with God.  It is not.  The hard times come to humble us.  To cause us to rethink our place and how we can get back into His goodness.  Some of us bare the infrimities of those who have to be with us.  Children habe to live with mom and dad.  They suffer when the parents are not in order with wjat they know God expects.   Wives suffer with husbands who still question everything about their lives.  Husband suffer when wives are not in their place as a wife and support.  We all endure hardships of oir own doings and because we are directly connected to another God is working on.  It is not a punishment to you.  It is because you have the strength to hold on when others fall off.

He is mindful of us.  Because we need the air He supplies.  We need the Spirit to keep us alive.  Without the Spirit holding on to us, we float into caos of livong life without Him.  I do not want to live with out breath.  So, I definitely do not want to live without the Spirit of God in me.  He is mindful of us because we have confessed and He has acceoted us into His family, into the Blood line.

Can you stop bresthing on your own without doing something drastic to yourself? No.  You habe to breath.  You cant just stop breathing, the Spirit just flows through you by force.  It takes you and I to recieve His instructions.  Since He is in us all anyway, why not just open up your ears and hear what the Spirit has to say.  He is mindful of us because we are wreck.  We are a mess and need something more stable that we can pull ourselves up when we fall.  If we fall.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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