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Did You Find Him?


So you should look for the LORD before it is too late. You should call to him now, while he is near.

— Isaiah 55:6 ERV


Did you truly search for the Lord yourself,  or did He stand right there when you were on the run?   We constantly assume that the Lord is moving from those who need Him.  He is not playing hide and seek.  He is not making it hard for you to find Him, if you are searching.  Maybe we need to talk about how we should be seeking the Lord.  How we should be in constant prayer and supplication.  You didnt know that you were in supplication during your time of decision.  Supplication just simply means getting by ones self and pray, seek, and fast if you know how.  God comes in the Spirit to speak to us.  He is that still small voice in your heart that speaks to you when you are finally at a place where you can feel and hear Him at the same time.  Search for Him while He might be found by you.   He will not sit fos sinners only those who are ready to turn from their wicked ways and follow after the Lord.  



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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