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Pharisee’s Who?

But many people believed in Jesus. Even many of the Jewish leaders believed in him, but they were afraid of the Pharisees, so they did not say openly that they believed. They were afraid they would be ordered to stay out of the synagogue. They loved praise from people more than praise from God.

— John 12:42-43 ERV


You better watch out for those modern day Pharisees and Scribes.  Thise who know everything there is about the origin of the written Script.  But, they have disregard for you because of what they know over what you have experienced.  Knowledge is power, but also it builds false pride in some.  The pharisees of our day are those who only do it their way, which they seem to think is God’s way.  They take you into private rooms to feed you the spirit when you join.  They expect you all to speak with new language as if that is the only proof that the Holy Ghost is in you.  It is terrible to follow religious people who see things in a light that is comfortable for them.  We cannot be afraid of church folks.  It does not mean they have it completely wrong.  What it does mean, is that they have grown accustomed to carrying out their faith a certain way for years and have taught it to their children who come up with the same celebrations and feasts and sacrifices.  They don’t hear the Spirit tell them, it is not what I want.  God doesnt want the same me tality that came from the Old Testament to filter into the saints today.  We cannot do things that way anymore not because they are wrong, because they were not wrong.  It was the outward church act.  Now the Spirit resides in us all.  He wants us to commune inwardly first and for most.  We can not burn on an altar and kill thousand of defensless animals and still walk away unchanged. Todays church have grown accustomed to coming in shouting a while.  Maybe the Spirit drops on the room, but once He has lifted and the good time has been had by all.  They leave out and fight in the parking lot.  They still smoke and drink.  They still cheat and manipulate.  They have not changed toward God.  They live a life of freedom only to be bound to iniquities.  

The Word said that many believed in Jesus, but were afraid of the leader in charge.  Those who have lost their way and fallen into power and greed in their leadership are not to be trusted with your soul.  Humble men and women who have true faith and trust in the Lord, are the ones we should rally with.  Leaders who are concerned do not grow churches just to sit on a high pedestals and look down at their subjects, their church memebers who helped them get where they are, should be ashamed.  God will pull down those false leaders who usurp their authority.  When we went to California the third time, it was to break a connection with a false Bishop who had come to set us in place in our ministry.  The Lord showed us that he was nit the one to cover our ministry.  I am going to say something that might not make you comfortable.

The Lord said to remove that Bishop from over us, because he was not our match.  People of like precious faith.  Those who can sharpen your iron.  There are churches that have come up out of no where with leaders that are not seasoned enough to reach the hearts of those they serve.  That is why Timothy needed Paul.  We need those leaders of Ephesians to perfect the saints, not rob them.  When you are among good leadership, you know that you can grow and expand in your own gift and talent and not feel guilty because the Lord uses you in that place.  If you feel that leadership us blocking you from growing, that is the reason you move onward, not from argument’s and pulling of power.  I never agree with pulling memebers from other churches.  That is why they must come with a letter of release.  We have to stop trampling on the church and trample the neck of the enemy.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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