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The Gift From God.


On one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave them this command: “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

— Acts 1:4-5 NIV


Wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Don’t rush through and miss His Presence.  Be ready to be submerged in the perfect will and power of God.  Water cleanses the vessel outwardly, but the Spirit cleanses us from the depth that water cannot reach.  The Spirit goes into the places that water doesn’t have the ability to touch. We can confess our sins and be clean from them, but we must open our hearts to release the hidden and trapped things that first draw us to sin.  Jesus told those from the synagogue that they were concerned about the washing if hands before they ate, but they needed to wash their souls just as vigorously.  What have we worked on in the depth of our existence? What have we surrendered that the Holy Spirit can enter in and dwell with us, because that is the goal here.  This is how the Father and Son shall come into our life, through the inner working of the Spirit abiding in us.  We must remember God is sovereign and Holy.  He will not dwell in an unclean place.  God is not capable of enduring sins hold upon His creation, when He come in, sin must leave immediately .  He would have us rebooted and started over, if it didnt take away our free will, and if we were computers of some sort.  His plans to have a people who are like unto Him means, He must allow His children to learn and grow through all the situations they endure.  Having this experience with the Holy Ghost in the Upper Roon where everyone is waiting on the gift of God.  We need the Spirit to keep us.  The Spirit to remind us of what the Lord has said and still speaks to our hearts about each and everyday.   The Spirit is how the Lord never forsakes His people.  He is Spirit, and they that worship God Creator and Father of all, must do so in the realm of Spirit not just your flesh.  We do activities with our body, but the drive to our activities come from the soul, or minds of men.  The Spirit is life and breath.  I do not want to be animated about my thoughts on the Spirits ability in us.  But, I see it like this.  Like a cartoon in my mind.  Lol. 

 If the Spirit doesnt keep us alive and moving,  it seems like we just lay flat until the Spirit brings us to life again.

I know that is not the way to look at it.  I just want to help those who sometimes have an issue with who the presence of the Lord is, and how important He is in our existence.  The Spirit keeps us alive.  The Spirit is how we exist and move.  That is why we must walk in the Spirit and not the flesh.   We can only communicate with God Spiritually.  The flesh can only communicate with God through total surrender to His will.  Thats how we move about by the Spirit.  Without Him we donot have life.  Last part.  

Just as you breath the air in and out of your body.  You cannot see it unless there is some sign or evidence of the inhale or exhale.  The Spirit of the Lord is as invisible to the naked eye as air in and out of your lungs.   You cant see it without evidence.  A life changed for the better is evidence of the Spirit.   A life with miracles involved also is evidence.  Sone say that with Him comes gifts.  I say He is the gift.  So, when He comes, He just enhances the talents that are built in you that He uses to draw others to the fold of faith.  Healing, signs of miraculous moves that cant be explained but that it must be by His Spirit.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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