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Peace I Leave With You.


Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

— John 14:27 NIV


Relax saints.  The Lord will give us peace in the midst of this storm.  Many lost property in Missouri during a tornado in March of 2017.  Yet, life was spared.   God does not want to cause harm to His people.  His people already harm one another with greed and devious activities that include flesh in various acts that are not to be recalled.  God will punish the unjust.  Those who do not care for the right form of thinking.  Those who disrupt life by argueing and fighting to take what is rightfully given by God to His children.  Jesus gives us peace to not be disturbed by everything that is going on.  We should not be shocked by the persuasions that have fallen out of the mouths of evil doers.  Yes, it is their right to believe and do what they feel is necesary, but it is also our right to voice our concerns and try to be just as persuasive with the Word as our platform.  As long as the Word of the Lord is what we stand on, we have a foundation.  But, when it turns into my personal opinion about a subject, thas when it looses power.  Peace is given for the turmoils of the day.  This world doesn’t want you speaking up.  This world will persecute you if you stand against what it wants.  Many loved ones will neglect you because of your strong belief in Gods Word.  The Word of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run into it ans are safe.  Do not give up your position to the enemy.  Stay on that perverbial wall of defense and resist tooth and nail the propaganda’s of these free liberal thinkers that believe in liberty, but not liberty of Spirit.   It is the freedom to be anything and do anything you choose without feeling guilty.  I donot like the plans that have been laid out by the enemy to convence our sons and daughters to comply to the universal feelings of love and family.  It is this new way that God has warned us to stay away from.  The influence of powers in the high places that we truly fight against without advancing the Word to all generations.  The Word of the Lord is righteouness and Holiness.  The ways of man are not so.  How do we convence this world.  As my friend and I work together to write a book titled “KamaKazi Life”.  It will show in strong detail what must take place in the Last and evil days of the church and the body.  Let me tell you this, it is what you think and it will cost lives.  We cannot get away from the fact that, “This means war”. What did you think that you would escape fighting the good fight? Did we think we could live an easy life and not be touched by the infrmities of weakness?

The world see’s peace as a temporary truce.   They give peace by stabbing you in the back and smiling in your face.  They give peace by mentioning your flaws before others and speaking with you as if they are in support of your life.  The world gives peace as long as you and I sit back and shut up.  As long as you donot cause a problem they are at peace with you.  The minute you speak up against the wrong doing of the world, thats when they strike with force and they go for the kill everytime.  We know the enemy has it out for us.  But, to have someone who is in the same bed or sitting at your diner table to turn against you, thats a whole other problem. 

Speak peace to another. Donot leave another in disarray because you are at odds with them.  Do not be the author of confusion.  Be peaceable with men and your God.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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