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Cliff Hangers For Your Clothes.


The Lord GOD gives me my strength.

    He helps me run fast like a deer.
    He leads me safely on the mountains.

— Habakkuk 3:19 ERV


Mountain climbing might be fun and adventurous to some who dare to hang on the edge of cliffs.  Thats fine for those who do, but for me, I need the ability to move my mountains by the power of my God.  People donot realize that they love cliff hanging.  They are always on the edge of truth, the edge of reality, not completely in the full range of total truth and righteousness.  There are so many people who wear their faith on their shoulders instead of having it deeply embedded within their souls.  They can put on wjat they believe and change their faith like cloth.  So that is why the weird title of todays blog.  I never know what the Spirit will have me type saints.  These are not preplanned blogs they are done off the cuff, basically free writing as I hear what the Spirit says to me.  I am given the strength and speed to perform on Gods timing and not yours or mine.  We serve the Master here brothers and sisters.  We answer to His call and come out ready to perform. “Team Christ”, is our rally call.  Motivated to rush the feild and take down the enemy to set captives free.  Our life is beyond petty and useless rhetoric.  We dont just say who we claim to be, but we display in our acts that we have His will in mind.  The great one prepared us for this in His Spirit.  We are not wimpy and sad.  We are strong and courageous, able to hear with hearts that are ready to perform



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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