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Helpless Without Him.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

— Philippians 4:13 NKJV


I can do nothing without the Lord’s leading.  Do you know where you could be in your faith walk with Christ, if you allow Him full access to your soul?  Remeber the Spirit belongs to God, the soul is your possession and must be surrendered in order for the Lord to use you in service to the King.  Christ comes first in our lives.  I must experience Jesus for myself.  Not just some outward physical dance with audibles heard to prove my connection in the Spirit.  Men do not secure your Spiritual place in God.  Once we are opened for the Holy Spirit to use, we should not ever close that door against Him ever again.  Through the Holy Spirit are we remotely able to do anything in the name of Jesus.  Blinded eyes are opened.  The dumb can talk, and the lame can get up and walk again.  But, these miracles happen in His name not beside His name.  I must be in Christ to hear Christ.  We must have His Spirit and Soul moving freely in us and through us so that people may continue to be made free.  Let Jesus live in you daily and you shall do great things in His name.  We are not able beyond ourselves.   God must have control of your faculties so that the Scripture may be fuflfilled.  I would rather be possessed by the Spirit of God in me, then to be controlled by demon forces that want to kill me.  You see, I’m talking about opening our heart to the love of God and He and our Savior come in and live with us. That we all become ONE.  One mind, one thought, one action together.  Greater is He who is in me.  Then he who is in this world.  Christ in me makes the difference, then I alone without attempting greatness with failure lurking about me.  I hate to fail.  That can stop with Christ in us.  But as long as I try to do His work without Him in it, I will loose.  I do speak a lot about Spirit living, I noticed that over time.  But, it is who we are to be, if we want to be successful at bringing forth fruit in His Name.  I dont want to enter the gates with thanksgiving and courts with praise empty handed.  At least lets all bring a fruit basket.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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