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The Kingdom of Heaven.


Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

— Matthew 5:3 ESV


We are truly blessed when we are humbled in Spirit.   Yet, when we let ourselves resist the will of God who loves us, we risk loosing everything.  It is time to reach for better than where we are and who we have become.  Humble we remain in the sight of our King that we might obtain continued favor under His shadow.  We are not independent from His Kingdom, we are connected through blood relations that we have committed to.  Those who are poor in Spirit shall inherited the greatest places in the Kingdom.  In other words we shall have those things we so desire if our desires are wrapped with His perfect will and plan for our lives.  Knowing God wants us to have the best.  We do not have to worry about what quality of merchandise He gives to His children.   Our Fathers knows we love ssparling trinkets, so why would He give you anything cheap? My wife always tells me to get the best of everything, even though I want to save money and get what I think is the best quality with out spending every dime I own.  For the most part she is usually right, because I loose more in break down then I do with quality products.  Our Father is one who supplies the quality and the spends the most for what He wants you and I to have.  He doesnt spare the expense because its too much.  You have to ask yourself what do you long for in this life? If you want cheap and meagerly living then you don’t want what the Lord offers. If you want the best quality for the best price that lasts beyond use, then you long for Godly things.  God didnt allow Israels clothes to wear down during the long and harsh journey from Egypt, so why would He change His expensive tastes just to keep you and I humble? He wouldn’t. In fact, He gave it all, when He spared not His only Son.  Go figure how much that costs.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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