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When Our King Rises.


So the LORD is waiting to show his mercy to you. He wants to rise and comfort you. The LORD is the God who does the right thing, so he will bless everyone who waits for his help.

— Isaiah 30:18 ERV


God our King shall rise in these last days.  He will shake foundations and move nations from their supports. Where will you and I be in our belief?  Trust the Lord lean only upon His Thuth which is the Word of the Lord.  Do not sway in your faith,  but remain stable and be counted among few.

When our King rises from His throne, the universe will quake.  When you get tired of following the world into destruction, just stop where you are and allow the Spirit to tranform your minds back to the will of God.  We cant keep doing this in strength of weakness in mind and flesh.  When our minds and flesh are weak to the world we give in with out saying anything about it.  We pick our laws based upon what we want to be given to us instead of earning our way through life.  We have allowed many to sit on our hard work and take advantage of the system set in place to create poor and sickly citizens.  When God rises, we shall stand in the shadows of His great protection.  No one will harm us.  We stand a shout out His name  to all the lands.  Not ashamed of the Savior and His Glory.  When God rises His enemies shall scatter.  They will run in every direction.  What should not take place is, that Gods children run with them.  Turn around and fight back, strike these new agendas down.  Your childrens, children need the truth that comes from the elders of the family.  We love all people no matter what, but we redirect efforts to expect righteousnes.

Live this life without reservation of faith.  We must walk in the favor of our God continually.   He doesn’t owe us anyhing, and we should continue to serve His Majesty with vigorous stamina.  Resost following the enemy into the wilderness.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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