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You Sharpen Me

Get to a point.


As one piece of iron sharpens another, so friends keep each other sharp.

— Proverbs 27:17 ERV


You sharpen me when you question my motives and intentions in my walk.  To be a true friend of mine, dont let me fall short of my belief.  Keep me in mind of His commands so that I live the life the Lord has ordered.  In order for us to hang out, you and I must have the same heart and mind about serving the Lord.  I cannot help you if you wont hear what the Lord has given me too.  Friends hear one another, they take good counsel in times of turmoil.  I have an exetremely small set of friends that I can count on one hand.  People that if I call them they know it is sonething serious.  My friends challenge me to be an example.  They look for me to give wise counsel and that what I have to say is always centered in Scripture.  That is how you should keep friends around.  Those who are your drinking buddies will onr day let you down.  Those who celebrat wildly with you are just that.  Wild buddies who do crazy things.  I donot have friends who cannot settle down and balamce their lives.  I cant afford to mix with worldy folk who only see the worlds point of view.  My friends live the Word explicitly.  I am saying this because a lot of the time, we do not find this in life.  Mostly because, people have selfish motives at being close to you.  They try to remain your friend for future securities because of your drive to succeed in life and they know if they stay in the sjadows of your success. They will one day be rewarded for a long tenure as a close companion and confidant.

We watch those who have hidden desires.  We are cautious always in prayer mode.  You never know what you have to defend and from whom.  I have had to separate my famiky from those who were close to me.  When you find out something that is dangerous to your well being, you donot continue to sit around ot hoping things will corrext itself before its to late.  To sharpen a stubborn mentality.  It takes a will that cannot easily be driven away.  My wife knows that of me.  She went through hardships after being hit by a car when she was younger and it made her have to deal with facial construtive surgeries on her mouth and jaw. When she was younger she coudnt smile because of the damage that happened.  She goes through many constructive dental surgeries even now, some 30 years later.  I told her that at 13 and 14, I did not walk away from being there. I will not waver today.  Friends endure hardships like soldiers with you.  They get into the trenches of life.  Yes, they do become closer than relatives who should be your support, but sometimes that doesnt pan out.  To sharpen each other.  It means encouraging one another.  Picking the other up ot of pits of life.  Being there through good times and bad tines.  Yes, like the song.  Thank God for a true friend indeed.  Christ os that kind of friend.  He has shaprened our wit and made us abled bodied believers fighting for a cause greater thab ourselves.  Salvation.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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