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Look Whose Here

Look Whose Here.


He lifts the poor from the dust

    and the needy from the garbage dump.
He sets them among princes,
    placing them in seats of honor.

— I Samuel 2:8 NLT


People always tell you never forget were you came from, when you have reach a place of success.  I often wonder why? It seems like a type of reminder to a previous bondage.   Dont forget when you had nothing and were begging people who were better off then you for their scraps and they never had the heart to give to you.  But, now that I have fancy duds and a new chariot to carry some trinkets, they want me to remember them.

I know some might say that they arent being negative when they say remember where you come from.  I just cant help thinking that there are ulterior  motives for making me recall the days of old when we had very little and had to cry because someone stole the meat from with in my sandwich.   If it was potted meat, they would eat the center out of my bread and leave me the hard crusty corners.  It is funny today, but it was serious business back then.  Mostly, because we knew who did it and there was nothing I could do about it.

Thank the Lord for small beginnings, because they do teach humilty in humiliation.  God shows us our limits through our embarrasments.  He reminds us that we are dirt and sand through the fleshes weaknesses.  We can be strong and hold up the banner of Christ in our lives, but we will have to suffer some things in His honor.  He doesn’t want you to drown in sorrows of the past or the near future.  The humility is Godly, to give you more opportunities in the presence of the Savior.  He gives places of royalty to those who are not kings and queens.  Only the Lord God can make you and I Nobleman.   If we do it.  It is stealing , killing, and destroying something that is not ours.   That is the devils business.  The enemy runs around seeking people to destroy and devour.  If God has favored you.  Then He will redress you in the finest garments that He has at His disposal.  His tailor will reinvent your brand.  They will fiix the hair on your head and set a place at the banquet of the Lord our God for the marriage of the Universe.  The groom to the bride (Church). You cannot come with beggarly mentality’s.   Eating with your finger licking etiquette.  Slurping your soup and gulping your lagers geting wasted in the sight of our Almighty King.  So He will have to rid the lowliness out of your mentality and give you a sense of Spiritual Pride.  So, yes He will have to cause you to recall where your from.  Only to remind you of where it is your going from here.

Question your motives for wanting this so badly, because I know people who are satisfied with forever eating at the second and thrid best dinning establishments.  They are not bourgeois in their subtle nature.  They only know one way to carry themselves, until it is shown to them that they are more.  That they can be more.  You have to know what to where and how to eat in high society, or else they will see you as low class forever.  Christ is high class that came to invite everyone to the Kings table.  That is why He came down in the first place.  To bring you to a better place, and take the gutters out your mind for good.  You are not a street hudlem.  You are royalty and dignified, oh better yet, REFINED.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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