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Official Recognition

Now God had caused the official to show favor and compassion to Daniel.

— Daniel 1:9 NIV


It is funny what you know that others think you do not.  Then when the meeting of minds take place, the head guy calls you up.  My college dean tokd me that if I go for this Doctorate, do not be ashamed to call yourself one.  Otherwise why go through all this and pay for it to keep it under the rug?  I know many people who jave he knowledge but dont want the responsibility.  It is terrible to know something and not use it to better the situation of others around you.  Some times you have to step it up to balance out the foolishness of bigots and greed in a place.  The Bible says “God loves a just weight”.  You knkw something and wont do anything about it to fix the situation.  The Word says if you know to do good and dont that is sin in its self.

Take the position.  Be the next supervisor.  Stop being afraid of taking responsibility.  God favored you all the way up the ladder of succes.  He does this to keep enemy under control.  What I am afraid of in the next decade is, being shut down comoletely on all fronts of religious belief that has not taken on the modern terminology of universal display.  This inclusion that has ruined the livelihood of our sanctuary’s and have turned the hearts and minds of good people to the wrong.  It devastates the mind of right thinking.  It hurts those who know the truth and cannot even begin to share it with the modern belief system.  Its is a system that has no checks and balances.  They have changed how we view the Word of God.  When God says sonething is a sin.  The new system explains it away and convences those who cannot stand up to the wrong that it is ok to be different and have these views.  The Lord will cause the Officials to acknowledge His plans.  Even if it ruins their chances at a second or thrid term in office.  We are against the same things that God is against.  The world will never know what you know because you may want to set on the back burner and stew about it with out any action.  Many say what they could do to change a scene, but few truly make a difference.  God favors me. But, what are we presenting Him that He is willing to showcase our skills?  You can talk about certain things, but can you teach it to the unlearned?   They say actors who cannot act, teach.  Yet, I say, it takes one who has been there to show me the ropes.  I cannot learn from a person who sits on the sidelines with pride as the parade goes by. 

God opens up opportunity that we may advance.  Fear tells us we do not deserve to move up the corporate ladder.  So, we sit in the same cubicles with those who only complain and the supervisior takes credit for your well thought out plans.   You know those people who do not even work on the project as late a you do, but seem to be up front when awards are given.  This will not happen in Heavens recognition ceremonies.  What you and I have done on out own through the unmerited favor, it shall be done.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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