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The Barrel & Cruse


1 Kings 17:16  The barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail, according to the word of the Lord, which he spake by Elijah.


The Prophet was sent to do work in a region and ran upon a woman who allowed himbto stay with her and her son.  During this process of service the woman was low on food and merchandise for her business.  Now, I know that may very well be an extended version of events.  But, to expedite matters into the thought the Lord has given to me today.  I am exaggerating the story for todays concept.

We are all willing to serve the cause of the faith.  Yet, how many of us are willing to give our all to see the success of Gods message reach the masses?  We sometime only think of ourselves when it comes down to the whats, whereas and however of the matter close to our livelihood.  We dont allow the man or woman of God to take precedent over the well being of our family dynamic.  Yet, many families have fallen apart on the front of the war of faith, because spouses and children cannot share the giftings and callings of their loved ones with the so-called Church.  Divorce is up more in the house of God, then in any other organization aside from politics and stars.  This woman is willing to give her last to serve the greatest good of Gods purpose.   We try everything in our power to avoid goving at such grand costs to our immediate family and we expec for the Lord to know and understand.  I think He does understand, and I know He accommodates many who only want so much Jesus in their daily lives.  Many do not allow the run off from the streams of mi istry to overflow with in their family lives because of privacy.  I do not know why this version of the blog has taken this turn.  But, I must continue unless told other wise.

The ministry in us all is the Lords.  Our family and loved ones are not a side show to Gods service.  They aae an intricate part of what we do for Christ.  No one can separate the two and place borders between the preachers family and the church, for the simple reason is the family is the reason the church has a start up.  Our children were first members of what the Lord called us to do, they cannot take the back seat now that two or three more come in to join the work.  It is like a deck of cards being shuffled.  As the people enter into committed service and simultaneously the children grow up to fit slots of ministry wthen they are mature, others who come in begin to fold into the work at the pivotal timing needed.  But, we do not put a line in the sand and break the ministry off from the family.  I am aware of time needed to give to spouses and children as well as ministry service.  But, our family should be exetremely aware of the dynamics that they play in Spiritual servitude towards the Kingdom.

Ultimately,  the services you render unto the Lord and the Kingdom, shall not go unnoticed.  He will cause your cabinet’s to be filled and your funds will not be depleted, even if you have given your last to a person.  The Lord will not cause you to be emptied out because of service you give.  A lot of times we are worn to the quick because we try to separate ourselves thin between the family and the church.  If you and your family are servants to the Kingdom of God, then you will not be so worn out, because they understand and want to support the cause.

Your cruse and barrel shall remain full as long as the Lord is your constant supply.  Also for those who are given a particular call and anointed to carry it until He calls you home.  This Scripture also expresses to me that as long as you desire to please the Lord, you will remain revelent to His plan, and your oil (anointing) will not run out.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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