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Through The Valley

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

— Psalm 23:4 NKJV



We are not abandoned, because the Lord is with us. His rod and staff they confort us as we travail through our journey in life.  If God is my Shepherd, I dont mind the pulling and pushing that cones with His leadership.  God directs us into the places that have water and green pastures for His people to be fed and nurtured.  You know how stubborn you can be when you dont want to go.  Just think how much the Lord pushes us into the green pastures for our own sakes.  If you and I were truly starving, it wouldnt be a problem to get us to go to whatever place provided to find something to sustain us, no matter the quality.  I think because the Lord has provided such goodness to us, we take for granted that we are not in a position to beg for our next meal.  We complain so easily about what we have to eat for diner, but we dont feel so hungry that we donot care.  The Shepherd has pushed us into successful places.   His rod that beats us into place because as sheep we donot always listen.  The hook of His staff to draw us back to His fold when we go off the path.  The Holy Spirit is that being within us to gice us the boundaries that He has set for us not to cross over.  The Shepherd has not taken away the fun of life.  He has just given us the proper way to enjoy what we have available to us without loosing ourselves in foolish nature and filthy thoughts that come with the life of folly.  Every day we deal with threats because of our OLD beliefs that others feel are overrated ad should be done away with.  Yet, I ask us about the books of old poetry and english literature’s that we still hold true and current to learning today, but the Word of the Lord has to be reforned to meet current thoughts of how we should believe.   Im not getting that concept.  The Word has been established over the generations that we who are the Lords servants know what He expects of us and how to carry out the instructions given.  This Scripture is about walking in the valley and the shadows of death.  But, I’m always speaking on this subject.  So, I am certain you and I could use a small change in the blog this week.  The threat is crrent and well thought out by the enemy.  He doesnt want us to have those places of green pastures and fresh water.  He would prefer we fear what is in the valley.  I cant go on in my life worried about the threat of death because people hate wjat I believe.  To my dismay, many strobg believers turn on the road to Eternity with God, for what ever quality of life they can find.  Even if it is not what the Shepherd provides.  If you and I belong to Abba. Then get ready for some hard comfort.   I would rather be chastised here and now, then to receive my pay at judgment.  God correct us here, so we donot miss Eternity with the Savior.




Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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