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Healed Now

Luke 8:47  She was healed immediately


It doesnt take the Lord a lifetime to heal us.  It takes a lifetime for us to received our healing.  That is because of doubt and fear.  When Jesus heals, it hppens instantly.  The examples are all in the Word of God.  Many examples of the healing abilities of our Savior have been written, but when you have a first hand experience.  Thats when it matters the most.  We all who believe have our own healing experience from the Lord.  Even though He doesnt walk physically upon this earth in man understanding, His Spirit is her to give us comfort in knowing that the Lord has heard our cry.  Our healing is personal, but our testimony is public.  Just like those who experienced  His hands laid upon ther physical bodies. They didn’t doubt that the Lord was there and healing could flow easily.  It takes more faith for us today to believe because the Savior is in Spirit and has to use the hands of faithful men and women who serve Him in ministry.  Healing now.  It means to receive the expectation you waited for all that time.  Like the woman with the issue of blood.  She needed healing now, and she got what she expected in waiting patiently for the Lord to appear.  She knew of His power, but she needed to get past her fear.  I know His power of healing, and thank the Lkrd we still have healings, because if we didnt, many would not believe.  Healing takes meditations.   Healing takes prayer and fasting.  Finally, healing takes setting ones self a part in supplication and get with the Lord on a personal level.  We wait for the threat to our physical life before we get serious about doing something.  Them doctor tells us it cancer, then we eat right.  It takes discipline to be healed now.  Disobedience drags the healing along with us for a lifetime that many dont get it before they die.  It is not the Spirits fault we are not healed.  It may probably isnt the fault of the man or woman who is praying for you.  It surely can be the fault of a diubtful believer.  Like Thomas who would not believe until he saw it for Himself.  There is nothing like the rumors of a healing, and then you witness for yourself the eyes of the blind made to see.  

Finally.  A now healing can only hapoen successfully for those who are now ready to receive.  It also means there is a sickness that must be healed in the mind before the body can receive it.  A person sick of cancer, has now known for a time thy habe been diagnosed by doctors and convinced of their demise.   So, we not only need to work at heling the body, but we must heal the mind first.  Healing starts in believing.    Healing will not come before you believe.  Now healing, takes a now believing in order to work.

Our God is our healer.  He request that you and I stand firm on our belief.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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