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He Still Rules.


But the LORD is in his holy Temple; the LORD still rules from heaven.   He watches everyone closely, examining every person on earth.

— Psalm 11:4 NLT


What makes people think the Lord is not in control?

They long to live their lives without the Lord for good.  It seems the sae format with men have come back around full cicrle.  Israel did not want the Lord God Jehovah as King over their land and people.  Today, men do not want the Lord God over their land and people.   Men want power and might.  They want to showntheor strength to both their enemies and their allies, but, not to their God.  

God rules from the throne room of Heaven as we understand it. Yet, I dont always see Him as lounging around and throwing His might all over the place without a plan.  I see Him as creative.  Still making creation elsewhere. He didnt stop with just our creation and that was it.  I believe He colonized millions of souls on various planets in innumerable galaxies we would never reach.  All because of our selfish ways and one-sided nature. 

I dont want to start some new cultic religion about science or star gazing, that has already been done.  I’m just not sitting here obliviois to the Atomic magnitude of Gods infinite wisdom and power.  God is not limited to just these 7 Billion souls upon earth.   We are not alone, because the Lord our Creator and God-King is here with us.  God is watching us from afar and up close and personal.  He is checking to see how easily we turn on our faith, or how strong we can be in front of struggle.  We have to make a choice saints.  Either we are solid citizens of Heaven above, or we are attached to the death and mayhem that has been our daily sight on earth? We have to question our motives, and whether we are swrious believers in Jesus Christ.  Im not interested in making people comfortable in their mess.  Im not goinf to leave this flesh, and have not served the Lord with gladness unto my end.

God will judge what we are doing.   He will find those who are His and give them strength.  He will not remove the plagues that have been released to turnent the ebeny and those who have found pleasure in following his purpose.  There is no escape from death because of sin we shall all have to stand or fall under its weight. 

Who do you please here is my final question?  If we are out to make sure men ubderstand us and are Ok with our lifestyles, and we do not care to publicize our true faith in God.  Then the trouble has already come to us and we just have to brace ourselves for the impact.  If it is all for God,and no one else matters, theb bow our heads and knees to the King of kings and the Lord of Lords.  




Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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