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Trouble in the Land

Numbers 33:55  But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall come about that those whom you let remain of them will become as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides, and they will trouble you in the land in which you live


I dont want to try and be political in this blog.  I just want to share what the Lord placed before my heart.  We know this Scripture is an Old Testament point to tell those of Israel in that time, that they had to evacuate the enemy from their lands if they expected to flourish in the future.  In order for you and I to understand this, we must see it from the stand point of Kingdom living.  Because we are not citizens of a Monarchy, we donot understand that the removal of all the inhabitants is a must.  Our free thinking and accepting communities are open to all people, and that is fare, but to us in the faith, it is dangerous to allow.  If we have those in our midst who donot believe according to our faith. 

  • Then why do they press into our communities? 
  • Why not go somewhere else that believe what you believe?  

Yet, the enemy has launched a campaigned to change the faith of millions in this new agenda he has conjured in the minds of liberals and not those of conservative views.

You can’t grow a company with neigh sayers in the background stirring up resistance to growth.  No one goes to war with troops that refuse to fight.  Yet, this is what we will have, because of those who do not want Gods view in place.  They want mans views to rise up and take power in their minds.  Mostly because they have hidden agenda’s within that they do not want exposed. So, they fight the faith and those who uphold the Law of God above the laws of men.  We must get rid of the rascals of countries that want them gone.  If your own country has an aught against you, then why do we open up our borders and let you in? They have come to stir up trouble in our country.  We fight for freedom of sexuality under the guise of civil rights. We now have to rethink how we speak from the pulpits of America so that we are not sued by radicals against God.  You might say that I’m exacerbating the subject to my own agenda, and I just might be, but what is my point of view, if it is not Gods?  My agenda is Christ’s.  He owns my words.  I have nothing to say but what the Spirit places in my heart and mind.  Watch what happens to faith in our culture.  We will have to shut down a lot of churches because they will change what they believe and many will walk away from God because of what preachers of today have done.  Greed will be more prevalent then before.  So called pastors of faith, will come out of the well dressed walk in closets that have been designed for sin.  We will have a great falling away in the last days.  Not because of a mans point of view, but because of a God view that people donot want no matter what.

I say, God speak from your Holy hill. Hit this world with a strong shaking that they either awaken, or fall into the cracks of the exposed earths core.  I pray that devastation hit this country hard because of the false faith of selfish people, who only want their way.  These inhabitants are not allowed to stay in the border of Gods people.  We are not to mix our daughters with theirs and do business with those who are not willing to come to our lands with true cooperation.  We gave up on the Word being our only source of strength.

In 2017.  The people have revolted against the quick draw changes of our current President.  I know that it is not clear what the plans are, but when we knew what was coming, we still did nothing to stop it.  We saw that same sex marriage was moving head forward with gusto, and we let them take the win.  Now they are telling you that little boys and girls who dont know what they want to be when they grow up, but all of a sudden they know for sure that they are supposed to be the other gender.   I am ashamed to be in this era in time.  It hurts that my grandson or daughter might come into a society that promotes everything that I donot believe in.  I pray that my children will not allow it to infiltrate the minds of my grandkids.  I pray that faith in God grows more and more.  But, that may be the thorns in my side talking. 



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

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