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This Way Please

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

— John 14:6 NKJV


There is a direction we should be taking.  It is not the way we want to go, but the way Christ has gone and where He currently resides.  When you go into a restaurant to eat.  You dont just go wjere ever you want to sit.  Yiu follow the host to a specific place that they have been ordered to sit you.  Once you are at the place that the host has to put you.  Thats when you can be served properly.  If you go to your selelcted spot and just sit, you might not get the best service.

Christ is our Spiritual host.  He is leading you and I to the proper place where we can do our best job in service to Him and the Father.  You and I cannot just pick out the spot that we want to work in and call it sanctioned by the Spirit.   Jesus is the way.  Its His way that we must walk and talk to others in this lost world.  If you and I go off the rails and take the direction that we want.  We loose people along the way.  The point of following Christ in our walk, is so we wont be against God the Father in the end of our life.  Christ way reconciles us back to the Lord.  He knows that as long as you and I deal with the weakness of flesh, we will be at risk.  He just wants us to be honest and turn from the impressions that start in our minds.  Cast down the image of sin that comes to start your desire moving in filth.  Jesus way is life and eternity.  Our way is death and destruction.   What do you want in the end.

Do you want life in the end? Or, death?  You have to make the choice.  He already chose you and the Scriptures said, ordained you that you might go forth to bring fruit,  and that you fruit will remain, that whatsoever you ask in His name, the father will give it to you.  I know that scripture, because it is a verse in one of my songs I wrote with my wife years ago.  This way please.  All He is doing is welcoming you and I to follow His direction.  Where I go, there you shall be with me always, says the Lord.



Ordained Elder, Husband, and Father.

One thought on “This Way Please

  1. i choose life. Thats the problem with this world is that there are so many choices so people seesaw a lot because all the decisions and if things get a little rough or not as easy some prefer to just take the easy route even if it means sin. I feel no matter how hard it gets we must stick with our Lord he will lead us we need to stop thinking we know which direction to go in our life and pray and ask God cause our life is already predestined and i want and desire eternal life so i choose to follow Christ Jesus so i can get true life.

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